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Sponge door seal
  • Classification:Industrial door seal
  • Product model:MF-H
  • Using the environment:Logistics warehousing, unloading platform

The description of Sponge door seal product 

Provide a  strict sealing environment: the maximum compression density can be up to 80% of high performance sponge

Adjustable curtain: it can flexibly adapt to different height requirements for various types of trucks

Excellent performance of the seal: Reduce the energy loss, and keep you and your property safety

Plating steel liner: Eliminate the potential problems of the previous wood liner like deformation, easy to decay and easy to corrosion

Wear resistant hundred fold: Distribute in both sides and above providing additional wear protection, effectively extend the service life of the door seal

Lighter pressure and friction: Unique thin lining to reduce the pressure and friction effectively, prolong the service life of the door seal

Quality performance: Fabric fixed screws and metal grommets, always ensure uniform air overflow

Warning: Use the reflective performance of the warning, with better security

Different height hundreds of the fold: It can provide additional protection to extend the service life of the door seal

Wear resistant sponge type door seal can reduce energy consumption and improve the working environment for you. The door seal is slim design

Simple plating steel liner, its durable performance is far better than the traditional wood liner. In addition, the unique reducing pressure design can reduce the friction between the cargo door seal and the truck efficiently, extending the service life of the door seal.