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Light anti collision free door
  • Classification:anti-collision door
  • Product model:PT-E
  • Using the environment:supermarket, freezer, warehouse, factory, airport catering, printing, food factory area

Light anti collision free door

The surface of the door is high quality(SUS 304) stainless steel wire drawing or other optional material, door body iswithout any joints. It has many characteristics like standing high pressure andmoisture, non absorbent, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, light,long service life, environmental protection.

The overall thickness of the door body is40mm or 20mm.  It can preserve and insulateheat, meet the requirements of the HP system. There is no wood on the door bodyand it can be opened easily. It can be used widely.

Around the door body are standard antifreezing and anti tearing sealing strip. They can achieve excellent sealingeffect and prevent energy loss (resistant to 40 degrees below zero temperature)And replace easily.

Visual window isstandard bulletproof transparent window, not fragile and no splash.

Extra strong frame: the internal thickcarbon steel plate, external 304# stainless steel plate cover or stainlesssteel bending forming

Crash board: imported PE mixed rubber, hashigh strength toughness, mold one forming, anti - impact grade - A;

Dongguan Yefet free anti-collision door is adopting a special design, can be opened from two ways. Use the principle of eccentric shaft and weight reduction, relying on the weight of the door to make people or vehicles through, the door can be automatically closed. Make a person or goods more quickly through to improve working efficiency. Optional accessories: crash board, aluminum alloy, the shape and size of the visual window, door lock, crash column, etc., can be equipped with credit cards, handles, locks, etc..